Import, Export

& Freight Forwarding Services

TVPX Inc. is a licensed U.S. Customs Broker specializing in the import and export of business and commercial aircraft through U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP).

As the aviation industry continues to expand globally, there are more cross-border transactions that involve U.S. imports and/or exports of aircraft. Parties bringing in a foreign aircraft with the intention of basing it in the U.S., or for a pre-buy inspection and sale, or for repair and alteration, must properly import the aircraft through CBP. Aircraft purchased, leased, or based in the U.S. that are removed to be sold, leased or based overseas for a year or more must be properly exported, regardless of where the aircraft is registered.

For aircraft that need to be imported, TVPX’s team of licensed customs brokers, entry specialists and transaction coordinators will obtain a customs bond, prepare documents, and coordinate the import with the client and CBP at the port of entry.

For aircraft that need to be exported, TVPX will help identify the party responsible for making the Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing as well as the US Principal Party In Interest (USPPI), and structure, document, and make the EEI filing to obtain an ITN#.

TVPX also has extensive experience working with companies to make corrective retroactive export filings and Voluntary Disclosures when entries need to be filed after the fact or corrected.

If you would like to learn more about importing and exporting aircraft to and from the US, please email to schedule a private 20 minute educational session or call 978-610-1150.

You can also schedule a private import or export webinar by clicking HERE.